iCue Compact

ICUE-COMPACT is the easiest way to start with IPTV. Compact but powerful, it is a complete recording and playout server solution and supports multi-channel SD, HD, and even 4K. It is perfect for organizations that want to set up their own in-house TV and video communication solution.

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ICUE-COMPACT is designed to offer, in a small form factor, everything that is required to run a solid, professional IPTV system. It goes beyond playout and user management. Professional video recording and content management is part of its function package, which will be helpful for enterprises, government institutions and control room operators alike. Multiple live IPTV sources can be recorded simultaneously and in-house live video content from HD-SDI, HDMI or PC-screen sources can be added easily. Single AV files or complete playlists can be set up for fully synchronized streaming delivery. Any type of uploaded MPEG-TS files or recorded content can be streamed out. A wide variety of IPTV clients like the XPLAYER, VLC player, IPTV Set Top Boxes, SAT-IP compatible end devices and professional SmartTVs are supported.

Internal communication benefits from live and on-demand streaming video for training, product introduction and management messages. ICUE-COMPACT is the right tool. Combining your own content with live broadcast TV channels will create a professional and attractive communication platform that brings all messages across.


Main Features and Benefits:

  • IPTV streaming and recording server
  • Multi-source synchronized recording and playout of up to 100 Mb/s total throughput
  • Supports multi-channel SD, HD, and 4K streams
  • User and rights management
  • Multi-program scheduling or infinite loop playout
  • XML and TCP based API for external media controller
  • Manual, scheduled or loop recording
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  • Digital Corporate TV
  • In-house video, on demand & clip archive
  • Documentation and training
  • Info channels and ad channels for digital signage
  • Streaming Playout for ICUE-GRID video wall
  • Control room, broadcast/IPTV/OTT, digital signage
  • Presentation & information systems

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