iCue Recorder Server

iCUE RECORDER is a high-performance IPTV stream recording server,  supporting multi-channel SD, HD, and even 4K. iCue-Recorder is designed for a wide range of professional video recording and archiving applications, including content Management.

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ICUE-RECORDER is designed for a wide range of professional video recording and archiving applications, including content management. It enables broadcasters, enterprises, governments, as well as command and control rooms to record and store multiple live TV sources and also
live video content (e.g. from HD-SDI, HDMI video feeds, and PC screen real-time applications).

The units can be clustered to reach higher numbers of streaming bandwidth, or can be combined to create redundant systems. ICUE-RECORDER supports manual, and pre-scheduled or loop recordings. Single AV files or complete playlists can be setup for streaming delivery. ICUE-RECORDER is managed by the ICUE-PLAYER (Win OS) PC application or over a simple web GUI.

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  • Digital Corporate TV
  • In-house video-on-demand & hosting of files/recordings
  • LAN or WAN based video archive
  • Confidence recording for Control Room and Broadcast
  • Documentation and training

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ENC-300 DVI MPEG-4 AVC H.264 DVI encoder blade with DVI/HDMI input (with embedded audio)
ENC-300 HDSDI MPEG-4 AVC H.264 SD/HD encoder blade with SD/HD SDI input (with embedded audio) and Composite, S-Video (Y/C), Component (YPbPr) or analog VGA (RGB) input
ENC-400 HDMI H.264 and MJPEG HD/SD encoder board with HDMI input, loop through outpunts and USB recording
ENC-400 HDSDI H.264 and MJPEG HD/SD encoder board with HDSDI input, loop through outputs and USB recording
DMM-150 Series DVB blade for streaming, re-multiplexing and H264/MPEG-2 SD/HD decoding. DVB-S2/T/T2/C and ASI input and ASI and analog outputs. 100MB TS over IP 1 x in or 32 channel out
DMM-220 Series Dual channel DVB board for IPTV streaming, re-multiplexing and MPEG-2/H.264 deco-ding. 2 x DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C in and up to 32 TV channels over IP out. ASI, HDMI and analog AV outputs
DXP-380D Series 8-Channel DVB-S2/T/T2/C to IP Gateway for IPTV. Up to 128 simultaneous multicast streams.10x ASI out for DVB and re-multiplexed MPTS streams. 1 RU compact rack mount framewith dual power supply