PHABRIX® SxA Portable Analyzer

The PHABRIX® SxA was the WORLD’s FIRST 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI portable video test signal generator, monitor and analyzer.  With its impressive 4.3″ 16:9 TFT monitor and easy to control menu buttons, the PHABRIX® SxA has been designed specifically for the professional broadcast engineer.

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With its impressive 4.3″ 16:9 TFT monitor and easy to control menu buttons, the PHABRIX® SxA has been designed specifically for the professional broadcast engineer. The PHABRIX® SxA supports 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI video plus AES audio testing and monitoring – a World’s First for such a product and important in an industry where technology quickly advances.

Configured with a full range of test patterns, both static and animated, the SxA is ideal for studio, OB, and lab environments operating from the internal battery or the included AC adaptor. The PHABRIX® SxA includes Auto Bi-level, Tri-level and SDI genlock with cross lock capability. Combined audio features including support for 16 channels of embedded audio complete the suite of functions. With built-in USB and Ethernet connectivity for remote operation, the Phabrix® SxA sets a new standard in portable video/audio signal test generation and monitoring.



  • 3 in 1, Generator / Analyzer / Monitor
  • High Quality 16:9 Picture Monitor
  • Superior Ease of Use
  • 32+ Video Test Signals come standard in the unit
  • Text and Logo ID
  • 16-channel Embedded Audio
  • Auto Genlock Bi/Tri/SDI Cross Lock
  • 16-channel Audio Metering
  • Waveform Monitor
  • Vectorscope
  • Rugged Reliability
  • Ethernet-based Remote Operation
  • Battery and AC Power Supply


Under the terms of PHABRIX® WARRANTY an End User will be able to claim under the warranty for any defect in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original delivery to the End User.  Under the terms of the warranty, PHABRIX® will supply replacement parts for those which prove defective and warranty labor if the defective equipment is returned freight prepaid either to PHABRIX® or to an approved service depot.   The warranty does not include responsibility for any transportation or handling damage.

Please remember that the battery, screen, the SFP cage and the SFP modules are not part of the warranty agreement. Details of the warranty can be found in the documentation supplied with your product.

The warranty shall not apply IF:

a) PHABRIX® finds that the Product or its Component Parts have been altered by unauthorized personnel.

b) the End User installs in the Product, parts not made or supplied by PHABRIX®, except such components specified by PHABRIX®.

c) the Product was used or installed in a manner other than in accordance with PHABRIX®’s instructions.

d) the Unit is opened by the End User.

For more details and information, please contact your AVBB sales representative.


Monitor Details

Display Resolution 480 x 272 pixels (auto scaling)
Display Type 16:9 24-bit color TFT
Display Size 95 x 54 mm
Processing All digital


SDI Video Input/Output

SDI Format SD-SDI, HD-SDI, (3G-SDI Option)
SDI Input/Output 1 x 75 Ohm BNC


Reference Input/Output

Genlock Bi/Tri/SDI with cross lock
Ref Generator Bi-level PAL/NTSC +/- 5ppm
Generator Timing 0 to 1 Frame WRT reference source


Composite Video Input/Output

Composite Formats PAL / NTSC
Composite Input 1 x 75 Ohm BNC
Composite Output 1 x 75 Ohm BNC


SFP Input/Output

Interface Single Tx, Single Rx or Transceiver
Module Types SDI Fiber, SDI Coaxial



Internal Speaker 0.5 watts
Audio DAC 24-bit Stereo
Headphone Socket 3.5 mm with auto line out
Generator/Monitor 48kHz 20-bit (SD-SDI) 24-bit (HD-SDI)
Metering 16 channel PPM with phase indication
AES Output 75 ohm AES Pair via 15-way D-type
AES Input 75 ohm AES Pair via 15-way D-type
Analog Output Balanced Stereo pair via 15-way D-type
Analog Input Balanced Stereo pair via 15-way D-type



Navigation Panel 5 menu keys, 8 custom select
Integral Battery Supply 2-3 hours lithium polymer
Internal Storage 2 GB
Remote Control Web Browser Interface
Ethernet Web server, Remote control (TCP/IP Sockets)
Carrying Case included
AC Power Supply included (uninversal)
Security Kensington lock fitting
Weight 900g
Size H: 92mm W: 225mm D: 42mm


Ordering Information



Get the Most out of your Sx Portable Device with these easy-to-install Options!


The SDI ANALYSIS option provides the engineer with a detailed view of the data words contained within the SDI stream.  This allows the analysis of complex faults and is particularly useful when determining compatibility issues between the equipment and when debugging new product developments, particularly in an R&D environment.

Compatible with PHABRIX® SxA, PHABRIX® SxD, PHABRIX® SxE, and PHABRIX® TAG Series.


The COMMAND SCRIPTS WITH PRINT REPORT option allows a series of predefined actions such as controlling the generator, analyzer, and logging functions within the Phabrix® instrument using a script stored in internal memory.  A print report feature allows an internal HTML form to be auto-filled with parameters set and subsequently downloaded and printed.

Compatible with PHABRIX® SxA, PHABRIX® SxD, PHABRIX® SxE, and PHABRIX® TAG Series.


The ENHANCED REMOTE CONTROL option allows full remote control of the instrument via TCP/IP sockets.  Complex applications can be created to perform test and measurement functions such as automated testing of routers or other broadcast equipment and infrastructure.

Compatible with PHABRIX® SxA, PHABRIX® SxD, PHABRIX® SxE, and PHABRIX® TAG Series.


The PROGRAMMABLE MOVING ZONE PLATE option can be used to test a range of video processing requirements using horizontal, vertical and temporal (time) controls.  Temporal control is particularly useful for testing up/down converters/monitors and applications which compress signals.

Compatible with PHABRIX® SxA, PHABRIX® SxD, PHABRIX® SxE, and PHABRIX® TAG Series.

PHABRIX® OP ADVFORMAT (PHSXO-F) – Now Includes 2K Formats

The ADVANCED FORMATS option includes 4:2:2 YUV, 4:4:4 RGB and 4:4:4 YUV at 10-12 bits and 3G Level A and B and is available for the SxA, SxE and TAG only (the SxD comes complete with these formats).  Among the support for 3G Level B is the ability to analyze signals such as SMPTE 425-B carrying one SMPTE 372-M Dual Link payload.  This option is not needed if the PHSXO-2K option is installed in the unit.

Compatible with PHABRIX® SxA, PHABRIX® SxE, and PHABRIX® TAG Series.


The DOLBY ANALYSIS & GENERATION option allows two functions on your instrument.  The Analysis function displays the Dolby D/D+/E metadata that is present in a selected audio stream and determines whether the (Dolby D/D+/E) packet is timed correctly on the SDI video stream.   The Dolby signal may be monitored from any of the SDI input embedded audio channel pairs or the AES input and it can display the Peak Audio Levels.

At the same time, this option includes the ability to adjust the “Start of Frame” for the Dolby D/D+/E packets.  Dolby streams are provided for all program configurations with fixed audio data.  Metadata can be edited by the user and stored in memories.

Compatible with PHABRIX® SxA, PHABRIX® SxD, PHABRIX® SxE, and PHABRIX® TAG Series.


The ANCILLARY DATA STATUS option provides a quick status view of the ancillary data present in an SDI signal.  It does not decode the data fully and is intended to be a fast analysis tool to show if a packet type is present, absent, or red if in fault.  Full logging is available along with DID and SDID custom setup.

Compatible with PHABRIX® SxA, PHABRIX® SxD, PHABRIX® SxE, and PHABRIX® TAG Series. Included in all new purchases.


The AV DELAY GENERATION AND ANALYSIS option offers an end-to-end solution for the measurement of audio to video differential delay through a broadcast chain.  The tool not only provides a real-time update of the differential delay between the video content and the selected audio channel pair but can also be used to measure the propagation, or pipeline delay, of video and audio content.    

The AV Delay Generation function includes an adapted EBU Tech 3305 AV Sync and Operational Test Pattern to support SD and HD formats.  Compatible with third-party AV delay analyzers such as LAWO V_pro8.  It also enables AV Delay audio on up to 16 embedded channels and/or AES out.

The AV Delay Analyzer function supports for the adapted EBU Tech 3305 AV Sync and operation test pattern and also for LAWO V_line AV Sync test pattern.  The AV delay is measured in real-time.  User can select audio from SDI or AES input.  

Compatible with PHABRIX® SxA, PHABRIX® SxD, PHABRIX® SxE, and PHABRIX® TAG Series.


For the engineer that wants to take advantage of all of the most important software options available for the Sx Series, PHABRIX® is introducing a new ENGINEERING SOFTWARE BUNDLE for SX SERIES at a discounted price (if they were purchased separately).  This bundle includes the following options: PHSXO-S, PHSXO-SD, PHSXO-R, PHSXO-Z, PHSXO-F, PHSXO-DAG.

Compatible with PHABRIX® SxA, PHABRIX® SxD, and PHABRIX® SxE models.

You may now test the functionality of the PHABRIX SxA and experience its simplicity for yourself.  Just download its simulator (12MB – zip file) and follow the instructions.

Phabrix SxA (600 x 300)

This simulator runs on a Windows PC and it has been checked for viruses.

To access, click on the image on the left and the zip file of the simulator should start downloading into your computer.  Unzip the file and double click on the SETUP file to proceed with the installation.  The application will check for recent software updates at start-up.

You can run multiple simulators at once to test remote control of large systems, by using different port numbers.  Use the -P Port# command line option to set different port numbers for each instance.