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AudioVideo BrandBuilder Corp.

Your Gateway to the Broadcast Market in the Americas

Founded in 2014, AudioVideo BrandBuilder Corporation (AVBB) is a group of highly technical and market-focused professionals with experience in every aspect of the Production/Acquisition, Post Production, and Broadcast/Distribution process.  Our experience includes the creation of product marketing plans, development of sales channels, and implementation of technical support and logistics services.  Our goal is to facilitate, as our client, the entry of YOUR brand in the broadcast market in the Americas.


We provide a wide range of consulting and business services that can be used, at your discretion, in combination or as your needs may be:

  • Brand / Product Representation in the Americas.
  • Product Introduction to key end-users in key industry areas.
  • Quick Establishment of a Dealer/Distribution channel.
  • Office Presence with Administrative Staff.
  • Legal Address to conduct business in the Americas without a physical presence.
  • Order Processing and/or Order Fulfillment.
  • Bank Processing, Collection, and/or Bill Payment.
  • Repair, Calibration, and Warranty Repair.

The above services are grouped into two separate programs, which may be based on the actual requirements your company may have:



For more information on these two programs, please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you soon.


Our team consists of experienced professionals with Engineering and Management backgrounds and with specific marketing knowledge and sales skills within the Professional Video Industry. Each of our Sales Managers has more than 15 years of experience in sales and in the broadcast industry. Some of them have more than one bachelor’s degree and an MBA. We are very proud of the group of people that belong to our organization!

Our portfolio of customers is very strong and reliable. We have established relationships with over 125 resellers, distributors, and system
integrators in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. We know the key players in each of these accounts and therefore we know who to talk to to introduce your products with these companies. Our relationship with these accounts is invaluable as we know their credit and cash flow information – something to consider in order to succeed and have peace of mind.

Our sales team also works with a large number of direct accounts. Over 250 end users, including the Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS), ABC, CBS, FOX, HBO, Time Warner, Warner Bros., Panavision, Technicolor, Deluxe, Pathfire, Ross, L3, Imagine Communications, Boeing, Miranda, Evertz, Honeywell, Sony, Televisa (Mexico), TVAzteca (Mexico), TVGlobo (Brazil), Telefe (Argentina), and more. For Latin America, we count with an excellent bilingual staff with many years of experience in Sales and Marketing – they know very well how the Latin American market thinks and operates so you can be assured the right steps are taken.

We can introduce your product concept and/or your finished product to the proper people in the industry – this translates to valuable feedback for a quick product feature/function decision for your Engineering team.

When you hire us as your representative or distributor, we work together with you to set up a realistic sales budget and we commit to
achieving it. With the experience and business relationships of our Sales team, you can be sure your sales target will be met!

When we represent you, we don’t stop with sales – instead, we start with product branding and promotion and industry feedback – this is how we have learned to earn success!

As stated before, our goal is to help YOU, YOUR BRAND, and YOUR PRODUCTS to establish a presence and capture some of the market in the Americas, whether it’s in the US, and/or Canada, and/or Latin America. Therefore, we offer two separate programs that can help you to accomplish this:



Like the name implies, this program focuses solely in representing your brand and products in the Americas. From setting up a distribution channel to presenting your products to our portfolio of customers that we believe would push them on to the most appropriate market to participating in trade shows to represent your brand.



The Sales Distribution Program not only covers representation of the brand in the US/Canada/Latin America but it adds the distribution aspect of a business. In other words, we would ALSO be in charge of the import/export operations, inventory management, and warehousing as well as becoming a service depot for your company.


For more information on any of these two programs, please contact us


So whether you are looking to just boost your sales through an effective network of resellers, distributors, and system integrators, or you need a full-service company that can handle inventory issues, service and repairs, and logistics matters, AVBB is the answer to your needs.


Your products won’t sell by themselves unless they are promoted correctly and appropriately.  You could have a large group of sales people knocking at the door of some customers, but you could make their job easier if your product is marketed effectively. Our marketing team works at great lengths to position your brand in the market. If there is a specific product to be promoted, their focus will be more on that product over others.

We would create and execute a marketing plan based on your needs. The necessary inbound and outbound marketing activities will be coordinated and put in place:

  • Advertisement Campaigns (printed and online): Our team will coordinate with you which type of campaign fits best for the targetmarket, create the ad, and negotiate with the different publications to maximize exposure.
  • Trade Show Participation at small and/or large venues, Open Houses: From registration to booth setup, our marketing group can help you to establish a presence at a specific event so end users can see your products and learn about your brand first hand.
  • Lead Generation: By implementing outbound marketing activities, leads will be generated so your (or our) Sales team know who to target.
  • Promotional Activities: Give-aways, signage, marketing material can be created to support the previous services.
  • Online Presence: Your products will be displayed on our website so our customers know where to find product information and where to find them.
  • Press Releases and Social Media: If you have an announcement to make, we can help you creating a press release and promote it in social media outlets.
  • Press Interviews: Because our team will be present at different events, they can speak on your behalf or support your participation with the local (and international) press so they can connect a face to the brand.



In addition, AudioVideo BrandBuilder Corporation can complement the process by offering Customer and Technical Support for your products as well as Import/Export Logistics for products and Inventory Management.

If a customer has a question, concern, or issue, we would be their first contact. Our Customer Support team is extremely professional and
responsive. Every customer will be contacted within hours (up to 24 hours). You can be assured that our customers will have a first great impression of your brand and your products.

On the technical side, we would serve as the 1st Tier Support Level. Our group of Engineers has the foundation to support audio and video devices in the broadcast industry. Their skills would be complemented with the specific technical training that your products may require.  This would facilitate the operations of your company because you will not have to worry about this first step, which is usually the first “after-sales” contact customers may have with your brand.

With your support, we can provide warranty and repair services for your products. We would handle all of the paperwork this process may imply, such as RMA generation, product returns to our offices as a service depot (or a specific location of your choice), product loans to minimize downtime to our customers and return of repaired products back to the end users. In some cases, we might even be able to perform the repair ourselves saving you and the customer money and time.

And to expedite the sales orders, we can manage the importation and exportation process of products and store them in our warehouse in Dallas, a central location for shipments in the US. We would even stock inventory of the most popular products so the sales orders are fulfilled on the same day they are received and allow a quick inventory rotation.


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