We, at AudioVideo BrandBuilder Corporation (AVBB), stand behind the brands that we represent.

Our Technical Support Dept. is in frequent communication with the Engineering and Service Groups of each of these brands. We keep them updated on issues and requests that our customers AND the market are requesting. Because we are the EYES and FACE of our clients, it’s extremely important that we work in parallel with their technical support and Engineering teams. This is how they can bring the products that YOU need when you need it.

These are the advantages that make AVBB different from other representatives:

  • AVBB honors the same exact warranty policy of our clients. No exceptions. You can rest assured that, if your unit is under warranty, you will be covered 100%.
  • Our technical support team is based in the U.S. For the great majority of the cases, your product will be inspected and fixed domestically with no need to ship it abroad. Only in extremely few cases we might have to send your unit back to the manufacturer’s facility for a major repair. No huge downtime means more productivity for your company.
  • We are closely connected with the Engineering groups of our different clients. Our technical team knows what to do.

To submit a ticket please select the brand of your product that needs service:

If you wish to contact your Technical Support Team, please call 214-935-9800.