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Founded by cinematographers, and headquartered in New York City, USA, Cinedeck manufactures innovative recording systems for use in all video production environments. Along with on-set monitoring, playback and quality control capabilities, these recorders also unify end-to-end, camera-to-post-to-archive workflows by offering the industry’s most comprehensive range of ready-to-edit output formats. The company’s products have been adopted by hundreds of TV and cinema productions, and won TV Technology’s 2010 STAR Award, the 2010 Vidy Award, DV Magazine’s Award of Excellence, and Studio Daily’s 2012 Prime Award for Best User Interface/User Experience. The modular Cinedeck ZX directly addresses the market need for fast but cost-effective systems for broadcast and cinema production and post. In 2010, with the release of the Cinedeck EX, Cinedeck effectively started the trend for using

In 2010, with the release of the Cinedeck EX, Cinedeck effectively started the trend for using high-quality on-board recording to accompany or replace less than optimum native camera recording. Because of their unrivaled codec and wrapper selection and built-in analysis tools which often eliminate the need for a separate monitor, Cinedeck EX units are still in use today around the world.

In 2012, Cinedeck released their first two-channel recorders. The full duplex RXB was oriented towards the traditional and broadcast production market while RXC with 3D and dual-link support, was specifically designed for digital cinema production.

All Mobile Video in New York purchased multiple RX systems for location production use but found they were a little to limiting for the requirements of full-featured OB trucks. To address their needs, Cinedeck developed the AMV MX.

Early 2013 saw the release of RX3G. RX3G is based on the same video processing hardware as MX which allowed both – consolidation of the earlier RXB and RXC feature sets in one system and better unification for development going forward. Customer interest in the AMV MX also resulted in the release of the four channel MX as we know it today.

Cinedeck first announced and demonstrated the ZX modular platform at IBC 2014 to address customer demand for a Cinedeck with a customizable feature-set and lower base price. MX and RX ship with virtually every feature installed whereas ZX, also based on the same video processing hardware, allows customers to install a Cinedeck with just the capabilities needed all at a channel-friendly price point.