April 22, 2016 – Las Vegas, NV: PHABRIX announced at NAB that it was now shipping its new platform for UHDTV – the Qx for test and measurement. Focused on compliance verification for UHDTV1/4K and UHDTV2/8K standards made the Qx a ‘Must See’ for many manufacturers of products requiring both an analysis and generation toolset – essential for product testing at these new high bandwidth standards.

PHABRIX was also presenting its patented physical layer analysis for signals up to 12Gbps packaged under the trademark, RTE – ‘real time eye’ on the Qx.

Qx beauty shot 2 largePaul Nicholls marketing director explained: ‘The need for compliance testing for UHDTV in the broadcast industry requires that specific measurements are taken as part of a product’s release. In the SMPTE standards these include eye amplitude, overshoot, undershoot, rise time and fall time with timing and alignment jitter readings. The Qx provides these readings automatically from the real time eye, there is no processing within the chip set, the signal is displayed ‘live’ for accurate T&M’. The bandwidth of the data being analysed at 12Gbps of course is immense which is why the cost of the Qx represents a very cost effective solution compared to a high end oscilloscope. The Qx represents British innovation at its best and has been adopted already by many of the industry’s leading companies providing product for UHDTV.’

The Qx on display at NAB was available in two versions, one with the RTE technology for physical layer analysis and one without. Each supports up to a 48Gbps payload with four separate 12Gbps input and outputs.

PHABRIX was also showing updates to both its portable and rackmount instruments. The PHABRIX SxE, still the most popular hand held in broadcasting today, was offering discounts on a bundled Engineering option. The PHABRIX multi interface TAG with its complete solution from analogue to 3G-SDI with SFP support for optical has a new HDMI EDID viewer SFP option and an HDMI generator SFP.

The Rx rackmount was impressive with PHABRIX’s dedicated toolset for quality control, OB support and broadcast engineering bays featured on the stand. With the release of version V9.04 software at NAB, the Rx demonstrated new enhanced closed caption monitoring and signal line detect tools. With increasing support for both video and audio T&M, the Rx is establishing itself as a compelling one box solution at a very cost effective price point.

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PHABRIX Limited has established itself as a world-wide leader of innovative cost effective test and measurement instruments since it was formed in 2005. PHABRIX’s success and mainstream acceptance in the broadcast industry has resulted in 14 awards for technical excellence. Operating from its purpose built 1,000 sq. metre headquarters in the United Kingdom based in Thatcham, England, PHABRIX employs a dedicated team of software engineers and manufacturing personnel to create its British made products.