Richardson, TX, April 18, 2017– AudioVideo BrandBuilder Corp., official representative and master distributor in the Americas for WOWOW products, will officially introduce the new color management tools, the IS-mini X and the complementary WonderLook Pro color management software at the NAB in Las Vegas.  These two products will be displayed at the Osee Americas Ltd. stand, Central Hall # C11546.

Based on Fujifilm’s technology, the IS-miniX is an improved digital LUT device that allows DITs and colorists to previsualize the management of color in a scene.  “The IS-miniX provides the best image processing available in the market and the lowest output signal delay, making this component ideal for Production and Live Broadcasting”, confirms Mitsuhiro Uchida, Product Engineer for WOWOW.

The IS-miniX has added Frame Capture capability and up to four different sets of markers, including center cross markers.  The IS-mini LUT box allows Color Grading and On-site Previewing thanks to its fast processing speed and its high-quality images.  Also, by feeding specific LUT information to an IS-miniX, this box can eliminate the differences in color and tones in a camera so multiple cameras can have the same color and tone information as pictured by the DIT.  And the IS-miniX can convert any color space to another, including existing Rec709, DCI-P3, or recently standardized HDR specs such as ST-2084 or HLG1.2.

In complementing the IS-miniX, AVBB is also introducing the new WonderLook Pro (WLP) color management software at the NAB Show.  The WonderLook Pro allows to control different types of LUT boxes, such as the IS-mini, the IS-miniX, COLR by Teradek, and BoxI/O by FSI.

The operator can control multiple LUT boxes with the same or different camera settings, as needed, or by grouping four LUT devices to control a 4K camera.  Different software licenses allow the control of the number of LUT boxes as well as other parameters.

The WonderLook Pro software was designed based on the ACES concept and therefore it may be set as an ACES-compliant workflow component.  WLP includes LUTs for more than 60 types of camera profiles called Input Device Transforms (IDT).  All of these transforms are made by the measurement of actual camera units with WOWOW proprietary equipment and software.    The WLP also provides a simple but powerful method to create LOOKs, not only by using its GUI but also from tangent panels.  When using an IS-miniX LUT box, LOOKs created with the WLP software are saved with still images and ancillary data.   Then they can be exported as LUTs including various settings, still images, and metadata.  Many types of LUT formats are supported and both, before and after, rendered images are provided to assist in the creation of the color pipeline on the grading software.

“We are very excited to introduce these products at this NAB Show” comments Christian Young, Director of Marketing for AVBB.   “We know they respond to the requirements colorists and DITs need to reflect the mood or tone of a scene as pictured by movie directors”.



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