Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 25, 2017– For the second time, as a company, AVBB participated in the SET EXPO 2017, one of the most important broadcasting exhibitions in Latin America, which took place between the 22nd and 24th of August at the Expo Center Norte in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

On this occasion, AVBB had the opportunity to demonstrate products of the most desired brands in Latin America, such as PHABRIX® and WOWOW®, as well as the portfolio of new brand products to be introduced in the region, such as EEG® for closed captioning and SKREENS to display multiple videos on a single screen. There was even interest in TERACUE® video encoders

AVBB had the presence and support of the Global Sales Director of the company PHABRIX®, Mr. Martin Mulligan, during the show. “I am very pleased with the visit of many high caliber customers to the AVBB booth during the expo. There is a great interest in the IP solutions that PHABRIX® offers with the Qx series, and which AVBB officially introduced in this show for the Latin American market. I believe that PHABRIX® has a great future ahead in Brazil and other countries in the region, thanks to the effort of the AVBB team. “, Said Martin Mulligan at the conclusion of the event.

“This was not AVBB’s effort only, but also our distributor’s in this country, PHASE ENGENHARIA IND. AND COM. LTDA, who, with their contacts and important clients, have been able to help us open the doors to PHABRIX® “, added Carlos Noguera, Director of Sales for Latin America.

On the other hand, WOWOW® products with their LUT digital device, IS-miniX, and WonderLook Pro color management software, created some interest in what they are able to do for the creation of LUT tables and be able to inject the different “looks” in the scenes.

As new products for the event, AVBB also introduced the SKREENS products to the Latin American market. These are devices that allow you to display up to four video signals over HDMI on a single screen. With these Skreens devices, the user can manipulate the size of images, display web pages and social media feeds, and even apply visual effects such as Chroma Key and transparency layers. In its two models, SIB (Studio in a Box) and WIO (Wall in One), the Skreens devices are ideal for companies, video conferences, and video walls.

“We are very satisfied with the results of SET EXPO, not only because of the interest in PHABRIX® IP products, but also in the other brands we represent.  Now we are preparing for the CAPER show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and TECNOTELEVISION in Bogotá, Colombia. The fact that there was a positive participation in Brazil gives us the feeling that the economic situation throughout Latin America is on the right path “, concludes Mr. Christian Young, Marketing Director of AVBB.