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Rockwall, TX, June 4, 2018 – WOWOW Entertainment, manufacturer of the popular IS-mini and the IS-miniX LUT boxes, has announced the official discontinuation of the IS-mini Manager software.  Support for the original IS-mini’s color management software will be provided until September 30th, 2018.  Any inquiry or request about the IS-mini Manager or the IS-mini Manager Plus license will not be supported.

“In order to use our resources more efficiently, we have decided to discontinue supporting the IS-mini Manager software, effective October 1st, 2018.”, commented Mitsuhiro Uchida, WOWOW’s Sales Engineer.  “We recommend current IS-mini and IS-mini manager users to switch to the IS-miniX LUT box as well as to the award-winning WonderLook Pro color management software.”

“In order to help customers to do the transition to the IS-miniX and the WonderLook Pro, we are working on new marketing campaigns offering these products at great promotional prices. They will be announced in a few days”, added Tommy Goodson, President of AVBB.

The use of the IS-mini Manager and the IS-mini Manager Plus license after the discontinuation date specified above will be at the user’s own responsibility.