IS-Mini X LUT Box

Introducing the IS-MINI X !!  Due to the constant demands that DIT and colorists have in their work, we have added Frame Capture and Ancillary Information functionality to the IS-Mini.


Frame Capture

The new IS-Mini X allows for a frame image to be captured in conjunction with the WonderLook Pro software (version 3.2 and up) providing many advantages, such as assistance for camera shooting condition, previewing look on a PC monitor, white balance, or for reporting purposes.


Panasonic® recommends the use of WonderLook Pro Color Management software for its VARICAM cameras





Play Still Image

Now you can send any image to the IS-Mini X and output it via the SDI connector.  This may be helpful when confirming a created look with a reference image or a specific test pattern.  Also, its waveform or vectorscope representation can be analyzed.



PC Viewing

A captured image can be viewed on a PC for reference purposes with some other image.



Ancillary Information

The new IS-Mini X can supply the ancillary information as metadata.  Exposure conditions and lens setting can be retrieved for the supported camera and used for shooting reports.



Frame Markers

The new IS-Mini X has the capability to show frame markers to confirm the center position of an image for the final footage.  Three sets of frame markers are available as well as line width and line colors can be set.


Still Image Composition with Live Image

A still image, such as a logo or subtitle, can be superimposed on a live image.  The superimposed image can consist of multiple frames allowing animation on a live image.



Chroma Key Composition

A range of the chroma can be set so the IS-Mini X can select the pixels that will be replaced on a live image, facilitating the generation of a background image.












Product Name Image Processing System IS-mini X
Product Model IS-11
Video Inputs 1 x HD/3G-SDI (10 bit)
Video Outputs 1 x HD/3G-SDI (10 bit), 1 x HDMI (8 bit)
Interface USB2.0 LAN (100Mbps)
Frame Image Input/Output
Operational Mode 1. Normal Processing Mode
2. Color Patch Generation Mode (59.94i)
3. Frame Image Playing Mode (self signal generation is 59.94i or 60p)
4. Chroma Key Composition Mode
5. Animation Overlay Mode
Recording Flag Detection Broadcasting function
LUT Processing 1D (1024 step) + 3D (26x26x26) + 1D (1024 step)
Simple OSD 256×24 pixels Monochrome
Frame Markers Display Three different markers and Center Marker
Delay 5 usec
Power DC 5V ~1000mA (AC adapter included)
Dimensions 103mm(W) × 81mm(D) × 29mm(H)
Weight Approx. 260g (excluding cables)