IS-Mini / IS-Mini X 4K Rack

Four IS-Mini or IS-Mini X units built in one 1RU Mountable Device Rack capable of handling 4K signals as one!

Four units of high quality, low latency IS-Mini / IS-Mini X LUT boxes are built into a 1U rack-mountable chassis, enabling real-time color transform of Quad HD 4K (by Square Division or 2-Sample Interleave methods), or 4 channels of HD image streams.

Easy to install and setup with only one power cable and one LAN/USB cable.  For redundant power supply and improved stability for live broadcasting, just connect a 2nd power cable.



  • 4K Camera’s real-time Grading
  • 4K Video Color Space Conversion (SDR/HDR, PQ/HLG, Rec709/Rec2020, etc.)
  • Up to four HD camera Color Matching or Color Correction



  • WonderLook Pro Software Version 3.2 or higher.
  • Requires STANDARD or CORPORATE License.
  • IS-Mini Manager cannot and will not support IS-Mini X Rack4K. IS-Mini Manager can control only IS-mini Rack4K.


Panasonic® recommends the use of WonderLook Pro Color Management software for its VARICAM cameras













Item IS-Mini X Rack 4K IS-Mini Rack 4K
Product Models IS-402 IS-401
Input 4 x HD/3G-SDI (10 bit) Same
Output 4 x HD/3G-SDI (10 bit) Same
Communication Interface USB2.0 LAN (100Mbps) – One cable controls the 4-channel device
Frame Image / Ancillary Information
USB2.0 LAN (100Mbps) – One cable controls the 4-channel device
LUT Processing 1D (1024 step) + 3D (26 x 26 x 26) + 1D (1024 step) Same
Latency less than 3 usec Same
Power AC 100-240V 50W – Dual Power Supply Same
Dimensions 430mm(W) × 452mm(D) × 43mm(H) Same
Weight 7 Kg (body) Same