DTV Exchange LLC’s DTV-R3000 is an ATSC/8VSB digital demodulator that provides a DVB-ASI output. The unit is a 1/4 RU-wide x 1RU tall x 6 inches deep. Four units fit in an optional DTV-R3000-RM rackmount. The unit is small in size, low in power consumption, and light in weight making it ideal for all broadcast television and cable environments.  Now with SNMP support.


Product Description

The DTV-R3000 provides a DVB-ASI output of the received transmission. The DVB-ASI transport stream output can be used to feed to other equipment such as analyzers, decoders, and multiplexers, or passed to other equipment in a cable plant, such as a modulator or upconverter. This ATSC demodulator can be controlled by a tablet if on the same network.
Its front panel features an easy-to-use up-and-down channel selection witn an RF level indication on a bar graph. The power supply uses an external 110/220 universal AC adapter, providing the required DC power input.


  • High-density installation: 4 ATSC receivers in 1RU
  • Supports ATSC/8VSB modulated transmissions
  • Ethernet communications via web browser or tablet for control and monitoring
  • Output DVB-ASI compliant transport stream
  • Supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Fault Relay Interface


To download the Quick Start Guide, click HERE